Listening to a record at home Vs. going to a concert, sharing an experience with a crowd of strangers: this was the starting point for these little films I made for Group Therapy to promote a gig at the Sebright Arms on 12th December 2013. ondon is a town that sometimes has almost too much to offer and our decision about where to go becomes harder and harder. Music as any other form of arts can become a cold entertainment deprived of what lies behind it.

All I wanted to do with this film was to enter the world of the musicians behind the music, to go “behind the scenes” and have a chance to expose the people who work to create that shared experience.

HER NAME IS CALLA kindly allowed me to film them during their practice in Leicester. This film is a snap shot of one afternoon passed in their company.

FLIES ARE SPIES FROM HELL met me at Waterloo Station. We got a train to Haslemere, then a short lorry drive through the woods and in the full darkness they open a door and let me in this empty gym where they have been playing for 10 years.

I visited RUMOUR CUBES a few times while they were recording their new studio album at Cafe Music Studios. What I found was a group of friends with a great passion for music, hidden in this little beautiful old house in Bow (London) full of objects and stories, happy to share their world with me.

The video was sponsored by Group Therapy – an event designed to provide a platform of performance for new emerging and innovative musicians, focusing on post-rock, math-rock oriented bands.