Nature as the object – is a small video I made with my friend and collegue James Anicich. He is an architect and in this experimental semi-utopian project he aims to use an old empty victorian building, on the edge of Hampstead Heath, as a “timeline” of multiple soundwaves created and transmitted by two antennas placed in the park and in the city. These buildings have been transformed often into huge underground Vip SPAs. In the past they were built to accord with the sorrounding landscape, now they just look derelict and deprived of any use and beauty. James explores the idea of inverting the relationship Nature/Architecture, letting the random unpredictable act of nature to change the interior of the house, rather than constructing an architecture that modifies nature to create beauty. A floor and a ceiling moved by hydraulic arms replicate the wave forms of the sounds recepted and transmitted by the antennas.