“Polonez” is the polish equivalent of the senior prom: a repeatedly circular dance-procession of paired up seemingly naïve and inexperienced young men and young women, awkwardly stepping forward, with some sort of hand in hand “cuttlefish” grasp, nodding once to a side and once with frigid reverence to the partner (rigidly of the opposite sex), to forcedly and formally celebrate the end of their studies. A ritual, a rite of passage, that seem to theatrically escort adolescents into their adults realms, which sadly appear made of straight spines, smart suites/dresses, conservative engagement-marriage-family’s and most of all loss of freedom, choice and lightness.

Mateusz and Jacub’s Polonez and their story though seem to be a second attempt to hit the dance floor, not less awkwardly, but surely less frigidly and liberally.

The two meet for a blind date in a gloomy hotel room in Poznan. Jacub, in his mid 50s, is married with a son, but seems confident and used to these secretive encounters, while the rebellious and soft delinquent Mateusz, in his mid 20’s, seems to do it for the money.

Truth is that once the two remain “naked” facing each other, there is much more to be looked at than just a desire or an economical need.

POLONEZ was written, pre-produced, shot and post-produced in the arch of 5 very long days in Poznan as part of the FILM RAVE PROGRAM 2014. Polonez was screened that same last day at Short Waves Film Festival 2014.

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