REBEL X | for Secret Cinema

This serie of videos were created as part of the pre-narrative world of the Secret Cinema show “Star Wars: Empire Strikes Back” (June-September 2015). Working as a Digital Content Producer I was asked to create videos for the secret website where audience members were invited to join the Rebel Alliance (Rebel X) against the Galactic Empire. Using a mix of stock footage, archive materials and Star Wars content I aimed to create an eerie audio-visual experience working around themes of space exploration, extra-terrestrial speculations, war propaganda and home movies. The idea was to take images out of their context, using sounds or editing juxtaposition to create new narratives within them. Secret Cinema wanted to create a whole new world next to the Star Wars one and my task was the one of bringing to life.

The first clip worked as an introducing trailer to the secret Rebel X underground world, while the other ones were grouped as Rebel X video transmissions.