Dr. Strangelove | for Secret Cinema

These videos were created as an integral part of the Secret Cinema show “Dr. Strangelove or how I learned to stop worrying and love the bomb” (January-March 2016). Working as a Creative Content Producer I was asked to produce a series of montages that could blend and question the international political situation contemporary to the film and the current one. Using a mix of archival footage and current news report, interviews and speeches from present-day politicians the aim was to create a coherent narrative illustrating the political dynamics behind nuclear deterrent programs, fear based propaganda both in Cold War time and in the recent American presidential campaigns.

The first clip played before an actual War Summit, where the audience was pushed to intervene and debate, while the second one played just before the film started after a one-armed-up General Buck Turgidson shouted “Let’s make America great again”, mirroring Trump campaign motto. As usual for ‘Secret Cinema Presents’ projects the film was unknown to the audience till they get to the screening room. The second two clips were used as teasers to introduce the narrative behind the production.